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the solution

We are developing and deploying a buoy equipped with computer based echolocation systems,
named the Artificial Intelligence Buoy Emergency Action Response System (AI BEARS).

  • Assess

    Accurate detection of drowning
    victims and their physiological states.

  • Monitor

    Keeps track of beach goers in
    the environment.

  • React

    Emergency alarm system to alert
    lifeguards of drowning swimmers.

Research Topics

Aqua Salutem Technologies R&D is focused on solving global issues by collecting,
aggregating and analyzing data about swimmers as well as the environment.


Aqua Salutem has conducted an independent
study within the Entrepreneurial Studies
Department at Hobart and will be conducting
research on how AI BEARS addresses the needs of
its target market. AI BEARS helps lifeguards
navigate directly towards drowning victims with
as little obstruction as possible.

Artificial Intelligence

By using sonar technology, combined with
integrated EAPs analyzed by Artificial Intelligence
(the process of making machines think like
humans), Aqua Salutem's AI BEARS will
revolutionize lifeguarding by reducing the time
needed to detect drowning swimmers.

The big Picture

The chief focus of Aqua Salutem Technologies is to both spread
awareness of and prevent drowning accidents around the world.


Currently, there are no buoy-based
devices on the market to be
implemented in EAPs, nor are there any
products available with the same
capabilities as ours. Resorts and private
beaches can keep track of their
patrons and alert emergency personnel
to take immediate action, allowing
resorts to market themselves as
tangibly safer than their competition.

Global Mission

Overall, AI BEARS ensures that
swimmers, sailors and tourists alike are
concretely safer than ever before on
boats and beaches, and that
Aqua Salutem's clients can market this
increased safety grow and retain their
existing customer and employee bases.

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